A Day at Action Target

A Day at Action Target

The opportunity to visit Action Target Headquarters in Provo, Utah, presented itself in May, 2012. For the first time, the people at AT were offering a course in target range design to architects involved in the fields of security and protection projects. The course was an intensive one-day session at their modern office and large manufacturing facility with it’s surrounding test ranges set against a red Utah mountain backdrop.

AT is the worldwide leading manufacturer and supplier for a wide variety of equipment for shoot houses, target ranges, target devices and, most significantly, armoured bullet traps. The sophisticated patented bullet trap they produce is configured to deflect projectiles from a variety of firearm types into a narrow throat at the target end of the range where the spent bullets are collected in a trough behind the backstop. This technology relies on a sophisticated arrangement of hardened steel plates configured to ensure maximum safety for personnel and reduction of hazardous byproducts. Their systems provide for recycling of lead and elimination of the mess and pollution associated with other target backstop configurations.

The day included a tour of their factory that included a visit to a shoot house mock-up constructed of both soft and armoured modular wall panels, the latter allowing live fire exercises.

AT produce a range of products that include most of the components needed to equip various types of firearm facilities with a worldwide distribution serving police, security, military and private clients.

Apart from being an enjoyable day with the hospitable staff at Action Target, the instruction and hands-on experience provided a better understanding and insight into the science behind the complexities of ballistics engineering. It was also a lot of fun! – Tony Brammar