City of Lacombe Police Facility

Project Details

Project was completed on schedule.
AREA 1,430 m²

Following a competitive bid process that included a design element (with
compensation) among three short-listed firms, the professional services
contract for the new Lacombe Police Facility (LPF) was awarded to Stephens
Kozak ACI Architects and Planners (SK-ACI) in the Summer of 2014.

The requirement was for relocation of a significantly cramped and outdated
station in downtown Lacombe to a new building on a spacious greenfield
site closer to the edge of this growing city.

While City representatives encouraged use of sustainable design principles,
they did not wish to pursue LEED certification. As a general note, our
multi-disciplinary design team including mechanical and electrical engineers
now routinely exceeds national energy targets in day-to-day design
of our buildings and systems without incurring for our clients the additional
expense of LEED certification.

SK-ACI was Prime Consultant, managing the output of our sub-consultants
in the fields of structural, mechanical, electrical and civil engineering. We
administered a public tender phase followed by analysis and recommendation
to the City of a preferred vendor. Keith and Leland collaborated as
co-contract administrators during the sixteen month construction period.

The City of Lacombe is one of few smaller Alberta communities that has an
architecturally significant downtown including predominantly brick buildings.
This came as the result of a fire in the early 20th century that devastated
a large number of wood-frame and wood-clad buildings in the core. While
the existing detachment was exceedingly cramped and under-serviced, its
place and familiarity to residents were attributes that would be dificult to
replicate on a bare site away from the city centre. SK-ACI won the design
competition in part based on a sensitive interpretation and application of
the colours, materials and proportions (for example doors and windows)
found downtown, including in the existing police station. Constructive client
critiques through the design phase were to imbue the new building with an
almost residential feel and a welcoming human scale.