Lloydminster RCMP Detachment

Project Details

Relevance to Proposed Project

This building was constructed by the City of Lloydminster for RCMP use and contains space for municipal policing
RMs, community policing, traffic units, GIS, victim services, by-law enforcement, support staff functions and a full
forensic identification section. SK ACI coordinated input from multiple stakeholders, including the municipality,
RCMP K-Division, and the Lloydminster Detachment.

Description, Intent and Project Objectives

The building, designed to meet current RCMP Fit-Up standards, replaces the existing detachment on the
Saskatchewan side of the city in response to growth patterns. Amenities include 12 cells, public support areas,
administration and clerical space, police function areas (forensic ID, GIS), staff areas, and a multi-purpose space.
The design included parking, vehicle and pedestrian access, and landscaping. The design process actively
included the City of Lloydminster and RCMP at K division and detachment level. All participants were involved from
design through construction to project completion. The design ensures a healthy work environment, incorporates
advanced systems and technologies to meet future challenges, and presents a welcoming and attractive image to
the public.

Project Challenges/Innovations/Lessons Learned

Extensive secure storage was required in the basement for drug processing/evidence. A fully shelled out second
floor was included to house municipal staff and provide future expansion space for the RCMP over the next 20
years. An EOC is being planned to occupy some of this space. The building is part of the main civic centre block
and faces the main thoroughfare through the city. It was important to design an exterior facade that suits its
prominent public role. The exterior facade is faced with brick on all sides with metal canopies highlighting staff and
public entries.

Completion Date/Schedule Variance

Construction started in August 2011 and was completed spring of 2013, in line with the planned schedule.

Sustainable Design Strategies/LEED

The project was designed to RCMP Sustainable Design Strategy 2002 incorporating sun shading devices, light
coloured roofing to reduce solar load, energy efficient (tinted/low e/argon gas) glazing, air and vapour barrier to
ensure a tight building envelope, the use of low maintenance materials, maximizing daylighting, occupancy sensors
for light control, high efficiency T-5 light fixtures, LED emergency exit fixtures, low flow shower heads, high
efficiency furnace, 100% free cooling capability of the HVAC system, lead free and low VOC paints, formaldehyde
free fibreboard countertops and shelving.