RCMP IT Office & Warehouse

Project Details

AREA 2,357 m²

This project provides new ofces, storage and workshop space for RCMP Infor-matics
services that support Northern Alberta detachments. The departments
housed in this space include the Computer Lifecycle Unit, the Mobile Support
Unit, the Wireless Communications Unit, and IT Assets Warehousing.
The Computer Lifecycle Unit (CLU) completes the ‘evergreening’ of IT equipment
throughout the province of Alberta. This includes the rollout of new equipment
as well as receipt, erasing and disposal of end-of-life equipment. There is also a
Break/Fix team that rolls out working equipment to replace broken equipment in
the feld. There is a bench area, ofces, pallet storage, staging and vehicle loading.
The Mobile Support Unit (MSU) supports the IT equipment within a police vehicle
– this includes laptops and associated systems. Spaces required include ofces,
benches in a processing area for technicians to prepare equipment for deploy-ment,
a vehicle loading bay, and a workshop staging area.
The Wireless Communications Unit (WCU) develops and tests new vehicle equip-ment
including radios. It also provides services to Emergency Response Teams.
This is a newly created unit. It requires ofces, benches in a processing area, a
workshop with staging area and a vehicle loading bay.
The IT Assets Warehouse is the main storage area shared by all stakeholders. It
will have a clearance of 10m under structure for industrial racking and include four
ofces, a workshop area with three benches for packing and unpacking, a pro-cessing
area and a disposal area. Infrastructure is provided for a future hard-drive
shredder/disintegrator as well as parking/charging of two forklifts.
The ft-up was tendered to the base building’s developer and builder. SK-ACI man-aged
all design, site reviews and construction contract administration.