RMWB South Policing Facility

Project Details

Type: New Construction
Completion Date: Fall 2014
Project Type: Design-Bid-Build
Construction Estimate: $13.2 million

Project Profile

Description, Intent and Project Objectives
This project integrates the RCMP serving the growing south portion of Ft. McMurray and the Traffic Sheriff’s space. A 26 cell block incorporated the security requirements and standards demanded by the RCMP. Scope included civil infrastructure including an access road and services to the property.

Project Challenges/Innovations/Lessons Learned
The design complies with Treasury Board, RCMP, and Sheriff Department standards, provides a healthy work environment supporting optimum work productivity, provides a high level of physical security, is welcoming to visitors, and is integrated with the RCMP systems for Security and Information Services. The materials and systems were chosen for their high quality, beneficial life cycle costs, and ease of maintenance. Building systems are accessible and easily repaired and maintained, or replaced.

Additional challenges were to develop a design:
to accommodate 20% growth in useable space in the future cost effectively
to comply with RCMP and Sheriff Department standards relating to sound attenuation and the prevention of sound migration
to accommodate future modifications with minimal disruption to on-going functionality and operations
to include user friendly building systems that can utilize local technical resources
to incorporate sustainable design strategies and goals taking into account criteria such as the local availability of materials recycling depots.

Budget Estimate/Construction Cost
The construction budget was $13.2M. The project when tendered came in on budget.

Sustainable Design Strategies/LEED

The building utilized green construction materials and systems and was consistent with RCMP SD2000. Further the building incorporates sustainable design principles, exceeds all health and safety codes for fire, health and life safety, and has fully integrated components and systems, Contract documents include a construction waste diversion requirement related to the availability of materials recycling and a cost assessment of construction waste diversion outside of local availability. The contractor implemented a solid waste management program throughout the construction.

The building is designed to achieve LEED® Silver certification and to meet the goals and objectives of the RCMP Sustainable Development Strategy.