Sylvan Lake RCMP Detachment

Project Details

Type: New Construction
Completion Date: January 2011
Gross Floor Area: 1,351sq.m. on 2 floors (7) cells
Construction Value: $4.5 million

Description, Intent and Project Objectives

The Sylvan Lake Detachment building was built by the Town of Sylvan Lake in a 25 year lease arrangement with the RCMP. The project was unique because of the difficulty in finding a suitable site. The first year was spent exploring numerous site alternatives until one was finally selected. The project was designed to current Treasury Board and RCMP standards and liaison was maintained throughout the project initially with Carla Petley, RCMP Asset Manager and subsequently with Ron Seto. The project met objectives for functional performance, design quality and character, building performance and project delivery. Components include community and municipal use areas, administration and clerical offices, police function areas, building services and staff areas. The site includes parking, vehicle and pedestrian access, and landscaping. It was important to the Town that this be seen as a Protective Services Building so provision was made to accommodate Municipal Enforcement (Bylaw), the Director of Protective Services and Victim Services. Decision making involved the Town of Sylvan Lake Building Committee, their Project Manager, RCMP at K Division and detachment level, and the consultant team. These parties were continually involved to project completion. The design of the facility on two floors maximizes the use of the site and provides a healthy work environment for RCMP and municipal staff; incorporates advanced systems and technologies to support operating requirements, capacity for future growth and change, and meets RCMP Fit-Up Standards and Security Standards, and integrates well with the Town’s prescribed Cape Cod/Colonial theme.

Budget Estimate/Construction Cost

The client awarded the contract to SKMG/Most Construction at the submitted tender price of $4.35 million. The final construction cost was $4.46M which reflected a number of Client requested additions to the contract such as emergency generator, stand alone garage, and entrance grading revisions.

Completion Date/Schedule Variance

Tendered in spring 2009 construction began May 2009 and was completed in January 2011, 5 months later than the original schedule. The delay was caused by the contractor’s inexperience with this type of project and inability of site personnel to manage activities and sub-trades. The project suffered through four superintendents and four project managers and it became clear that the company was in financial difficulty. The consultant team worked diligently to keep the project going to completion without having the bonding company intercede.

Sustainable Design Strategies/LEED

The project included numerous sustainable design features such as: recycled material roof tiles, light coloured roofing and energy efficient glazing to reduce solar load; air/vapour barrier to ensure a tight building and minimize heat loss; low maintenance interior/exterior materials; maximizing day lighting, sensors for lighting control; high efficiency lighting/ LED emergency exit fixtures; low-flow shower heads; high efficiency furnaces; 100% free cooling on the HVAC system; and lead free/low VOC paints and finishes.