Wabasca-Desmarais RCMP Detachment

Project Details

DESIGN START DATE: February 2017
COMPLETION DATE: September 2019
PROJECT TYPE: New Construction
GROSS FLOOR AREA: 1200 sq.m.
LOCATION: Wabasca-Desmarais, AB

Description, Intent and Project Objectives

Replacement of the original mid-1990’s RCMP detachment now obsolete due to population
growth (has led to staffing increases) and beyond repair due to excessive wear and tear in
this semi-remote setting. Technological changes in policing also drove the need for a new
physical plant. A disproportionately large cell block of 14 units completes the plan.

This project is fully federally-funded (as opposed to a municipally-owned building): SK-ACI
collaboration was entirely with Alberta’s “K-Division” headquarters.

Project Challenges/Innovations/Lessons Learned

This project is in proximity to an airport: building height as well as radio tower required close
coordination with Transport Canada standards. Sound attenuation was a priority. An
internal SK-ACI initiative resulted in the inclusion of an acoustics engineer as part of the
design team.

Durability of exterior materials and interior finishes was a priority in this sometimes abusive
environment. Detailing was often simplified intentionally to support the engagement of local
trades and resources. Judicious selection of simple and low-maintenance mechanical and
electrical systems enables local trades to perform routine servicing and reduces delivery
time of replacement parts.

Building is sited with regard to future expansion of administrative areas with minimal
disruption to operations and minimal impact on site circulation.

The finished project will incorporate artwork from the local First Nations’ community